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Amit Levinson

Risk Data Analyst


Hi! I’m Amit Levinson, a self-taught coder and an avid data wrangler. I currently live with my wife and our dog Milo in Tel-Aviv, Israel. My interests include Privacy & Trust, Data analytics, Visualizations, Statistics and R. That’s also what you’ll probably find me writing about on this website 😄

Make sure to visit R-bloggers & R-weely to explore many more tutorials and resources. Enjoy!


  • Data analytics
  • Storytelling and data visualization
  • Trust & privacy


  • MA in Sociology & Anthropology, 2018-2021

    Ben-Gurion University

  • BA in Sociology, Anthropology & Political Science, 2018

    Ben-Gurion University

Blog Posts

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Exploring maps and distances to various Golda ice-cream locations throughout Israel

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a light introduction to GitHub Actions for automating a plot of frequently used R packages.

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Looking back at my year of learning R

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Aestheticaly printing descriptive variables from your survey data

Defining uncertainty in the Israeli lottery

Exploring the probability of winning the lottery at and by a given trial with the Geometric distribution

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Learning tf-idf through political theorists.



Israeli Elections Twitter-bot

Twitter bot setup on a Raspberry Pi running every 10 minutes