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Amit Levinson

Data Analyst

Hi! I’m Amit Levinson, a self-taught coder and an avid data wrangler. I currently live with my wife in Tel-Aviv, Israel. My interests include Privacy & Trust, Data analytics, Visualizations, Statistics and R. That’s also what you’ll probably find me writing about on this website.

I’m currently looking for my next role, one that’ll entail analyzing and visualizing data (see the graph I made for the occasion). Feel free to reach out if you know of any opportunities!

Make sure to visit R-bloggers & R-weely to explore many more tutorials and resources. Enjoy!


  • Data analytics
  • Storytelling and data visualization
  • Trust & privacy


  • MA in Sociology & Anthropology, 2018-2021

    Ben-Gurion University

  • BA in Sociology, Anthropology & Political Science, 2018

    Ben-Gurion University

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